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Merlin -- Keep The Magic Secret

Merlin_TV: A General COMM For the BBC Show
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A Community For The TV Show Merlin
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About & Rules

This is a community for the celebration of all things for the show Merlin on BBC1, the third season of which begins in September. News and fanworks and all else in between are welcome to be posted here! Just take a quick look through the rules below for details.

1) All fanwork genres and pairings are welcome to be posted here. We only ask that you warn and label appropriately. If you aren't sure if your piece requires certain warnings or labels, don't hesitate to PM us to check.

2) We don't expect any problems, but please be aware that character &/or actor bashing will not be tolerated. We do encourage critical discussion, but say you're not a fan of Gaius' new goatee. Venting about how he needs to shave it is something for your personal journal. Thoughtful discussion on his advice to Uther in the last episode, however, is absolutely welcome here.

3) The golden rule does here apply: play nice and be respectful of one another. Problems aren't anticipated with this either, but if something unpleasant does arise, don't hesitate to PM us.

4) Tagging: if we notice you've forgotten to tag your stuff, we'll give a gentle reminder. Otherwise, it's up to you. Tagging acts as the system by which people can find your posts in future; if you've neglected to tag and we haven't seen it, your post will be lost in the sea of merlin_tv entries, and it will have no water wings =(

5) No need to ask permission to promote! We only ask that you use your discretion: don't promote your community or event several times in the course of a day/a few days, and don't promote something that is ultimately a carbon-copy of merlin_tv.

6) Spoiler policy: for the sake of those who may miss the episode or who hail from across the pond, please keep spoilers behind cuts for at least a week after the UK airing of an episode.

7) If posting graphics:
    Generally: promotional banners or thumbnails should not exceed 300 x 400. Anything
    larger should be behind a cut.
    Icons: 3 teasers
    Wallpapers/banners: 1 teaser

8) Please do not link to locked entries.

9) Updating the community on news about the cast and crew's upcoming projects or event appearances, and anything else regarding their professional lives is welcome.


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